• Paul Welling

9 USA Fly-Drive Routes for an Amazing Holiday in America

So you want to do a USA road trip but don't know which route to take on your next holiday stateside. How about these 9 highways & Byways to get you started and these are particular favourites of ours which we know will provide an amazing American holiday experience for you.

Route 1 Big Sur Highway

Travel the route that hugs the California coastline from San Francisco down to San Diego. Views will include Pacific Ocean surf, towering redwoods, elephant seals and fog shrouded cliffs. It really is the ultimate road trip route.

Natchez Trace ParkwaySpend a few days exploring this 444 mile road that takes you through Tennessee, Alabama & Mississippi. Rich in Native American and Civil War history you can stop at the significant mileposts along the way.

Acadia All American Road

Visit the quaint seaside town of Bar Harbour or explore Acadia National Park on a day's driving tour in the state of Maine.

Creole Nature Trail

This is 'Louisiana's Outback' of bayous, marshlands and natural Gulf of Mexico beaches. You will see sandy oak-studded ridges rising above the low-lying coasts. If you are lucky you will get to see alligators , birds and wildflowers along the way!

Florida Keys Scenic Highway

We love this USA fly-drive as you are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Drive the overseas Highway from Key Largo down to Key West and embrace the laid back Keys lifestyle.

Historic Route 66This fly drive has to be on everyone's bucket list. Stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles, the history and atmosphere of The Mother Road' bring travellers from all over the world to experience America's past. Ask our USA holiday experts if you just want to do parts of this iconic road trip as we are happy to put together bespoke itineraries just for you.

Death Valley Scenic Byway

This USA road trip will take in the lowest point and the hottest place in North America, Death Valley! This is California's gateway to 3.3 million acres of desert landscapes, rare wildlife and cultural sites as you travel through shifting sand dunes and sculpted hills. Take some sunscreen with you though would be our advice.

Route 100 Vermont

With beautiful scenery year round, this byway passes through mountain and valley vistas, quintessential towns and cultural landmarks.

Blue Ridge ParkwayTravelling through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia made famous by the song you will see sparkling waterfalls, colourful foliage, spectacular mountain scenery and valley vistas. This fly drive puts North Carolina on the map as is one of our favourites when on the East coast of America.

America was designed to explored by road and these are just some of the iconic fly drive routes that we can put together for you. Combine these with flights and accommodation on the way and you will have an amazing USA holiday experience that will stay with you forever.