• Paul Welling

Discover the Magic of Universal Studios Hollywood

You're planning your next trip abroad and you want this one to be memorable. Something the whole family will look back on in a decade as the trip of a lifetime. It has to be extra special...

Well then it has to be a trip to Universal Studios, Hollywood.

Incredible choice

When comparing this destination with other USA Holidays in 2019, it truly dwarfs the competition. Boasting the World Famous Studio Tour, DreamWorks Theatre, Springfield USA and countless other iconic attractions, it's guaranteed to please young and old alike.

Take these two, for example: The kids will delight when you tell them they're off to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They'll get lost exploring Hogwarts and never tire of fantastical ride after ride after ride, all day long. Meanwhile, for young adults, The Walking Dead Attraction is not to be missed. Will they be able to spot the 18 hidden artefacts from the hit TV show?

Package deals

Everything's taken care of when you book your Universal tickets and hotel at the same time. Did you know that if you go for the Preferred Hotel Package, you'll even get early admission to the Harry Potter attraction? Accommodation options include world-famous names including Hilton, Holiday Inn, and Safari Inn. Many of these include complimentary shuttles to take you right to the door and back.

Of course, with luxury hotels like this features like free parking and WiFi are a given.


The one drawback to a holiday like this is that because it's so expansive, you may never feel like you've explored the whole location. That's why doing a bit of preparation before you jet off is well advised. It's worth checking out the park map before you arrive, so you can make sure you maximise your enjoyment and squeeze every ounce of fun from this magical experience.

That's a whirlwind of information and will no doubt have left you buzzing with excitement. The takeaway fact is that Universal Studios Hollywood is a holiday unlike no other.

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