• Paul Welling

Driving the Pacific Coast: three tips for the ultimate California road trip

There are few routes as legendary as Highway One. The track – which famously connects Los Angeles and San Francisco – is on the bucket list of tourists all across the world. If you’ve decided that you want to enjoy an adventure and have chosen to take a road trip along the Pacific Coast, you should know that you’re in for an amazing experience – but only if you do it right. With this in mind, here are three tips to ensure that the journey lives up to all your expectations.

Hire a convertible

A convertible isn’t just about looking cool (though it’s a sure-fire way to make you feel like a movie star as you drive through L.A.) Instead, it’s also practical once you get going along Highway One. For instance, as you hit Big Sur you’ll be met with some awe-inspiring redwoods. These can only be appreciated fully if you’ve got the roof down and have nothing obstructing your view. There’s also the fact that the California sun can beat down on you during the whole journey.

Start from the north

The route is incredible whether you start from the north or south, however, you’ll get a better vantage point if you’re driving southwards. This is because your vehicle will be positioned on the road closer to the ocean. You’ll certainly appreciate this when you drive through an area like Monterey. After all, it will mean you can see water as far as the eye can see rather than cars zooming past.

Stop numerous times

You can actually make it between San Francisco and Los Angles in a rather remarkable eight hours – this isn’t a time frame to aspire towards though! Instead, you should prepare for numerous stops – many of which you’ll stay overnight – if you’re to fully savour the whole experience. Just some of the towns that should be on your hit list include Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara.

Your adventure awaits!

There’s nothing to stop you from speeding along the Pacific Coast Highway during your next holiday. While these tips should help you get started, don’t forget to book your trip with the assistance of the USA Holiday Company to ensure it’s the holiday of a lifetime.