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Make your kids Christmas dreams come true with your Walt Disney World holiday

Make your kids Christmas dreams come true with your Disney World holiday

We know that you always want to make Christmas a special time of year for your family and loved ones.

This year, instead of the expensive toys that are forgotten about in a few weeks, why not give them memories that they can treasure for a lifetime, with a planned holiday to Walt Disney World?

This isn't just a holiday - this is a chance to make once in a lifetime family memories. Here's why Walt Disney World in Orlando may be the perfect destination for you.

Why visit Walt Disney World In Florida?

There are a couple of reasons why Florida should be your dream Walt Disney World location.

The first is the weather. With a tropical climate, you’ll be more than likely to experience hot weather and clear blue skies that will really add something extra special for your holiday. When you’re not busy walking around the parks, you and your family can defiantly take an afternoon off to enjoy the weather and relax by the pool.

You’ll never run out of things to do at Orlando’s park. As well as four giant theme parks and two water parks, you’ll also be able to find four golf courses, two miniature golf courses and a shopping district within the themed hotels and resorts.

There truly is something for everyone here, but if you want more, the Disney parks are right next door to Universal Studios.

Combine your trip with Universal Studios

With some of the biggest and most exciting rides to offer, combining your Disneyland trip with a visit to Universal Studios will give your kids the best holiday ever. Perfect for families of different sizes and the older children, this park is filled with attractions and familiar faces that everyone will recognise.

If you’ve got any young wizard fans, a spellbinding trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will certainly add some extra magic to the holiday.

Let’s plan your holiday today

Ready to take your family on a magical holiday they’ll never forget? Let’s help you plan it.

At The USA Holiday Co, we’re experts in tailor-made holiday packages to the USA to help you get the best experience possible, all within your budget.

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