• Paul Welling

Three perks to enjoy when visiting Las Vegas in the off-season

Las Vegas is a city that’s thriving in the summer – but that doesn’t mean that it’s not alive and kicking during the rest of the year. While you can expect to pinch a fair few pennies by visiting during one of the less busy weeks of the year, it’s far from just saving money that should be on the mind of anyone wanting to experience Sin City. If you’re eager to experience Las Vegas and don’t mind visiting outside of the summer, here are three perks you can expect to enjoy by going in the off-season.


The scorching desert heat can be hard to handle when it reaches its average high of 41 degrees in July. Meanwhile, the temperature is much more bearable throughout the rest of the year. It’s warm – yet still manageable – when the off-season begins in November. With highs of 19 degrees, you can still expect to take a dip in your hotel pool and wander the Strip without feeling uncomfortable in the process.


It’s not just the fact that you’ll have more rooms to choose from when it comes to finding your Las Vegas accommodation. Instead, you’ll find that there’s plenty of extra availability all across the board. For instance, with fewer people to compete with for tickets, you’ll be able to get better seats at one of the city’s award-winning shows and attractions, like the Blue Man Group.


Nearby excursions – such as the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon – also enjoy their off-seasons outside of the summer (especially when the children are still in school). As a result, you also have a great opportunity to experience these landmarks with much less hustle and bustle than you’d expect to find at other times of the year. These can be travelled to by coach, limousine or helicopter from the heart of Las Vegas.

The bright lights await!

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