• Paul Welling

Three reasons people stay in West Hollywood when visiting Los Angeles

The bright lights of Hollywood might be the first things that spring to mind when people think of Los Angeles. However, it’s West Hollywood – a place just around the corner from Tinseltown – where more and more tourists are choosing to stay. Don’t let the names fool you, Hollywood and West Hollywood are two separate entities altogether – and you should know the difference before booking your holiday to La La Land. Let’s look at three reasons why people are choosing to stay in West Hollywood when visiting Los Angeles.


The hustle and bustle of Hollywood is legendary – but it’s not to everyone’s liking. Luckily you can pick and choose when you experience it if you’re staying just around the corner in West Hollywood. WeHo borders Hollywood, making it just a short walk away from all the action while also giving people a little bit of breathing space from all the tourists who congregate there during the day and night. We feel its a lot more pleasant to stay just outside of Hollywood but with easy access to dip in and out of when you want to.


Due to the sheer volume of tourists, the vast majority of celebrities daren’t step foot in Hollywood unless it’s for work purposes. Instead, West Hollywood is their playground. If you’re keen to spot the likes of Kendall Jenner grabbing a coffee or Niall Horan doing a spot of shopping, then you – and the paparazzi – will need a front row seat in West Hollywood.


West Hollywood is home to countless hotspots, many of which are ingrained in pop culture. There’s the iconic Sunset Strip, the stunning Chateau Marmont and the ultra fashionable Melrose Avenue. There are also a number of world-class hotels to drop your bags at, including the London and the Sunset Tower Hotel. While it’s handy to have a car at your disposal, it’s more than possible to explore most sights by foot in West Hollywood. Just ask one of USA advisors on the special offers available at the hotels currently.

Fancy a trip?

You’d be right to have your heart set on staying in West Hollywood when visiting Los Angeles. If you’re in the process of planning your trip and need some help from an experienced team, don’t hesitate to get in touch with USA Holiday Company to have a holiday that’s tailored towards your needs.