• Paul Welling

Why You Should Visit Las Vegas in 2019

Las Vegas Attractions

It’s true to say that Las Vegas is synonymous with partying, epic buffets, gambling and well, sometimes epic hangovers. But in addition to all these, the city’s offerings span way beyond casino slot machines and the popular shotgun weddings. Without further ado, check out some top attractions you can visit while at the sin city of Las Vegas

1. The Strip

Located in the southern and middle part of Las Vegas metropolitan area, the strip which stretches about 3.5 miles through the sin city is a place like no other packed with over 20 world’s largest casino-resorts and boasting over 70,000 hotel rooms. Most of the properties here are architectural wonders and a sight to behold.

At the street level, there are one-of-a-kind spectacles, for instance, the marvellous exploding volcano which is right in front of the Mirage.

Take your time to stroll around the strip as you take in the sight. In brief, the Las Vegas Strip runs all the way from the Mandalay Bay to Treasure Island hotel. If you truly want to experience and immerse yourself in the fun of Las Vegas you should consider staying in the Strip preferably in the major resorts.

2. Fremont Street Experience

Situated at the heart of Las Vegas downtown Fremont Street is a five-block pedestrians-only street, a tourist-driven destination one that’s all about classic neon marquees, the stench of beer and awesome gift shops. It’s a historic stretch that has gained a lot of popularity and has become busier plus boisterous in the recent past offering an electric art collection an innovative bar fare.

Spanning through five blocks and attracting the biggest tourist crowd after the Strip each year Fremont experience is loaded with free live nightly entertainment-over 60 great restaurants, loose slots and great odd plus of course the largest video screen in the world at 1500 feet long and 90 feet over the pedestrian mall dazzling nightly visitors with light and sound shows.

In between fascinating street performance and penny slots there plenty of fun and cool stuff that you can see and do in Fremont Street like wandering around old shipping containers or a swim with sharks.

3. Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides

The Venetian hotel is located across the Treasure Island on the famous Las Vegas Strip it’s one of the finest resorts in the city with tons of tourist’s attractions. Inside, you’ll find a beautifully themed arcade which is built in resemblance of Venice city complete with the canals, gondoliers and the blue skies.

The hotel also recreates the romantic experience of the awe-inspiring gondola ride on the Grand Canal of the Venice in Italy. Situated right outside the Venetian hotel and near the sidewalk, boats await passengers who are taken on a ride by personal gondolier through the gigantic shopping arcade.

There’s definitely no trip that would be complete without a romantic and graceful glide through the recreated Grand Canal with the best time to take awesome shots while riding the Gondola being at dusk especially if you choose to go outside.

Gondolas outside the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas
Gondola Rides at Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

4. Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower

From its fascinating glass elevators to the rivets in its beams Paris hotel is a must go attraction that will leave your heart warmed by the breath-taking views from the viewing deck. Soak up 360 views of the Strip from the 46 stories and half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Enjoy the Las Vegas vibe mixed up with a little French flair on the side by having some French cuisine from the restaurant then spare some time later at dusk and head to the deck to take in some awesome views. The hotel is located on the Strip in Paradise, Nevada.

The viewing deck prices vary throughout the day with the tickets a little bit on the high side soon after dusk .

5. Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show

This resort is a massive complex boasting a couple of great attractions including a conservatory & Botanical Garden, a Bellagio galley of fine arts plus some of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas.

Beyond the lobby area, you’ll find a beautiful showroom with changing themes that range from fascinating shows of creative art to spring botanical display.

But the most popular of all is the famous Fountain show. Now, you may be forgiven if you think choreographed routines are only limited to stage performers and flexible showgirls but the Bellagio fountains gyrate just as fabulously with a combination of light, water, and captivating music.

The lake is about 8.5 acres and it has over 1200 jets skyrocketing streams of dancing water over 460 feet into the air. The dancing waters are illuminated from within and jut out to the pulse of any tune playing.

6. Mirage Hotel- Secret Garden and Erupting Volcano

The erupting volcano is a renowned icon situated within the Mirage and one of the must-sees on your visit to Las Vegas. The Mirage volcano wows the audience as it shoots fireballs over 12 feet into the air. Well, there may be no lava but visual and audios spectacle which features never-before-seen musical composition and amazing fire effects is definitely a show that shouldn’t be missed.

The volcano shows last for approximately 5 minutes with the climax being accompanied by a giant fire eruption about 60 feet high into the air.

At the Secret Garden, on the other hand, you can come close up with the cute bottle-nose dolphins just at the back of the Mirage Hotel. After strolling through spectacularly and inventively built hotels it’s great to take a nature break and awesome dolphins show that run from time to time here will blow your mind.

7. High Roller Ferris Wheel on the Linq

If you have no issues with height, soar 550 feet above at the end of the Linq Promenade at the centre of The Strip and the tallest observation wheel on the world. With sweeping 360 views of the whole Strip and the Las Vegas Valley, the wheel takes about 30 minutes to have a complete revolution and features 28 cute and spacious cabins to accommodate visitors. Each cabin is strong enough to carry about 40 people.

The views are particularly unbeatable at night with the city lights in their full glow.

After the ride, be sure to stop by the Total Snapshot kiosk to buy a commemorative shot of your High Roller experience. Trust me, it’s absolutely a perfect keepsake for that unforgettable moment.

8. Caesar’s Palace and the Colosseum

This is probably one of the best-known resorts in Las Vegas currently a great complex packed with all the possible imaginable entertainment option. The resort has a gland concert venue within its premises. The Colosseum at the Caesar’s Palace is a contemporary interpretation of striking landmark and antiquity wonders located at the heart of the Strip.

It’s designed to accommodate all varieties of stage shows while at the same time providing the audience with an overwhelming experience. This venue has also been the backdrop to some amazing hit TV shows.

If you want to catch a show at the Colosseum, make sure you check out ticket availability early enough as the shows are usually booked out in advance.

Caesars Palace Hotel Las vegas
Caesars Palace Las Vegas

9. Mob Museum

Located in the heart of Las Vegas which is synonymous with the mob enforcement history, this Museum presents a serious and in-depth look at the legacy, history, and operations of organised crimes from mobsters and hit-men in America plus of course its relationship to Las Vegas.

If you are a history geek then you can take an interesting journey through the past happenings of mafia just off the Fremont Street in old Las Vegas.

You’ll find a mix of photos, stories, exhibits, and artefacts plus some chilling and an array of scary weapons used for mob hits.

For a more in-depth experience, you can listen to the original surveillance recording from wiretaps, use the FBI simulators to test your reaction or check out the replica of the electric seat that was used in executions of 614 people at New York prison.

10. Neon Museum

Neon Museum isn’t really your typical art institution. Located north of the famous Strip, Neon museum harbours a trove of the historic and monumental signs most of which topped casinos which defined the skyline of Las Vegas decades ago.

The museum contains a collection of casino memorabilia and vintage signs including matchbooks, postcards, and ashtrays. It was put up in 1996 amid public demand for preservation of Las Vegas’ culture.

The site includes an outdoor exhibit known as Neon Boneyard which features about 200 signs some of which are restored o their former glory.

11. Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere tower is one of the most spectacular and unmissable skyscrapers in Las Vegas. The tower is 1,149 feet high and on the top, there are numerous heart-pounding rides including Big Shot and Sky Jump.

If you’re after a more relaxed experience less of drama and thrills, there is an indoor and outdoor observatory deck where you can have some relaxed time as you enjoy the astounding views of the city.